Our Story

I needed a party table for the patio at my house. I wanted something different but I couldn't find what I want, so I decided to design and build my own. Several of my friends asked me to build them one after they saw it, and I did. Then I thought, maybe other people are looking for something that both furniture and art that interacts with its environment. If that sounds like something you're looking for, have a look at Soundburn.

The original SoundBurn table was based on a Ruben's Tube. The physics of a Ruben's Tube are interesting and they are nice to watch in operation. Transitioning from any cool experiment that gets used for a few minutes once in a while to a piece of art that is at the center of a frequently used entertainment space reveals a variety of limitations regarding what works well and for how long. Making SoundBurn interesting across a broad range of audio selections, as well as reliable, safe, easy-to-use and low maintenance required the addition of many different types of sensors, a sophisticated control system, complex signal processing and a few custom machined components. The artistic challenge evolved from simply manipulating natural elements to doing so while hiding the underlying technology that, ironically, makes the experience feel natural.


Our experiences are increasingly virtual and synthetic. Television and movies, video games, even modern roller coasters and now augmented and virtual reality each create experiences using imagery that are not real. The fidelity of these types of experiences will continue to improve while the cost of creating them will continue to decrease, ensuring ever broader usage. Absent the constraints of reality, such experiences can focus on targeted and nearly stimulation. They are addictive and often overwhelming. But what about genuine experiences? Can one be “present” when what he or she is experiencing isn’t?

About Interactive Objects

Interactive Objects was formed to create real things by combining materials such as metal, wood and glass with natural elements such as water, fire, light and motion that interact with the environment and people that they are in to provide unique experiences. We strive to make art that transforms the static into the dynamic and engage those who are present. We hope to provide experiences that are simultaneously new and familiar.

Bespoke configurations

The core of all SoundBurn works in the burner control and audio signal processing system. This set of mechanical components, electronics and software can also be used to anable custom configurations such as burners up to 100', in-ground installations and patio heaters.