SoundBurn strives to combine fire, sound and decor in a unique, artistic and engaging way. An early version worked well and was an attention grabber, but that really wasn't the intention. Too much a novelty, not enough character. It was one dimensional, felt incomplete and lacked that which would allow it to become a core part of the venue.

Subsequently, there has been much more focus on creating the environment, as opposed to just being in it. While there is now more "technology" and electronics, the emphasis is on the whole experience it creates and for that to expand the scope of the environment where it finds a home.

SoundBurn Products


The perfect complement to a SoundBurn Conversation Table, SoundBurn Towers provide a visual accent, warmth and richness.


SoundBurn Candles are mini-towers. Several connected to a common audio source can create exciting displays, such as entrance path lighting for parties and certerpieces for tables.


Convert an existing wood burning fireplace with gas into a clean, efficient and modern entertainment center.